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Graphic Design


Your logo is the face of your brand, the very image that gives concept to your big idea. TSpell Designs takes you and your package and creates a logo that will give the perception that you need.

Advertisement Materials

Advertisements for events or any type of special moment must be strong, and cohesive to your brand. When developing your advertisement materials the creativity will come through the minimalist direct features, effective type, and strong imaging that will catch the attention of anyone. Advertising your product or event is one of the most important things you can do to reach the masses. Advertising materials come in the form of flyers, posters, post cards, banners, billboards and much more.

Marketing Materials

Your marketing materials for your business should be cohesive to your brand. It will develop your customer/client's perception of what your business can do for them. These materials will remind your market of who you are and the stand you take in comparison to your competitors! These marketing materials include your business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, newsletters, ads and more!

Branding Material

Would you like to brand yourself or your company? What makes you who you are? Is your literature recognizable through its intricate design elements? How do I recognize who you are online? Creating you branding material is like creating your own wardrobe that makes your style distinctively yours. This can be developed within your letterhead, business and note cards, business emails, compliment slips, web backdrops and more.


For all of the restaurant owners who need that personal designer to lift their sales through menu design, TSpell Designs would be the one to call. Your menu can be the very thing that can sell that dish! The intriguing design and perception of your food can be the very thing that makes that new dish you added to the menu sell out the kitchen!


TSpell Designs covers weddings, birthdays, and whatever event you would like to invite someone to. Make it special and personalized with TSpell Designs it will be a design you would want to frame and keep once the event is all said and done.

Presentations & Booklets

It is time for you to present that story, that idea, or vital information. TSpell Designs can create a booklet that brings your information together cohesively to hand out in multiple forms of your choice. Maybe it is all about the PowerPoint for you, it might be a booklet for your banquet that your guest can take with them as a souvenir. Maybe it is your catalogue or your latest magazine development. Whatever it may be TSpell Designs would like your message to be perceived with authority as well as communicate the sense of your brand or corporate identity.


Illustrations give the visual to your story. TSpell Designs can create illustrations for your book, your t-shirt designs, or even for that CD cover. TSpell Designs specializes in developing the characters that you have in mind, we also can bring your scenes to real life. These drawings can be developed digitally to give a clean print look that can be reprinted in many forms. If you have a creative idea that needs to be illustrated, TSpell Designs can bring your story to life!

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Web Design

Having a website is very important for businesses and organizations. Our use of the internet is at an all time high. We are consistently searching the Internet for answers, products, interest, etc. That is why having great presence on the internet is extremely critical and necessary. It allows you to put your best foot forward, providing customers, potential employees, business partners, and perhaps even investors a way to quickly and easily find out more about your products, services, or the message you would like to project.

Let TSpell Designs make this easy for you. With quick turnarounds, we will tailor your website to creatively fit the needs and desires of you and your business. Getting a great website will be one of the best investments you will ever make! Check out the TSpell Designs contact page and contact us for further information.

You Think, We Listen, We Create!

Print Studio Services

TSpell Design Studio produces abstract portraits from your favorite headshots that you can keep for generations. The portraits are acrylic paintings that can be produced in black and white or color. TSpell Designs also produces abstract art that can be the centerpiece of your favorite room or office. To check out more see the portfolio. Make your special moments last forever!

Having your photo painted is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply email your photo, and within a two-week turn around your painting will be ready for shipment/delivery. TSpell Designs painting technique is one that is unique and very well established in keeping the authenticity of the very photo image being painted. TSpell Designs also develops traditional abstract pieces that can be used to spruce up your favorite rooms or corridor. TSpell Designs also uses this technique to develop murals for faces of hair salons or of the youth in your community. There is no limit to how your personal or special image can become the masterpiece you have always wanted.

You Think, We Listen, We Create!

Branding Design Services

TSpell Designs is a design company that can develop your architectural schematic needs. We provide you with floor plan designs, 3D models, elevations and streetscape renderings. These drawings can be used to make your design concept clear and aesthetically driven. They can even be of great use to finding investors. It is all about your ideas and bringing it to life. If you have a design you would like to propose let TSpell Designs be your partner in this design development. It is time to be innovative with your ideas and dreams. It starts with putting them down on paper and sharing them with your audience.

TSpell Designs can also be of assistance to any design firms or organizations that need drawings completed in a timely fashion. For more information contact TSpell Designs!

You Think, We Listen, We Create!